Reflection of the Role of Geometry in Design of the Aghabozorg School-Mosque in Kashan

Document Type: Special Issue: International Conference on Architecture and Mathematics


1 ‎Department of Architecture, ‎University of Kashan, ‎Kashan‎, ‎I‎. ‎R‎. ‎Iran

2 ‎Allameh Feiz Kashani University, ‎Kashan‎, ‎I‎. ‎R‎. ‎Iran

3 ‎Department of Architecture, ‎University of Kashan, ‎Kashan‎, ‎I‎. ‎R‎. ‎Iran


‎Aghabozorg Mosque with massive brick dome and the tiled minaret is one of the most magnificent Islamic buildings in Kashan in the Qajar period‎. ‎The unique features of the architecture suggest the architects of this building‎, ‎in terms of the nature of architecture in designing the form and architectural space‎, ‎have considered principles that are based on geometric shapes and proportions between them‎. ‎Regarding the importance of the issue‎, ‎the authors‎, ‎with the approach of geometric proportional analysis‎, ‎seek to answer this question‎: ‎what is the role of geometry and golden proportion in the construction and shaping of the elements of Aghabozorg School-Mosque? For this purpose‎, ‎the descriptive-analytic research method has been used in this study‎. ‎In order to retrieve geometric and proportional data‎, ‎plan‎, ‎elevations‎, ‎and sections of the building were investigated and analyzed accurately‎. ‎The results of this research indicate that the architects had the necessary knowledge about the systems of equations and geometric drawings and used golden proportions and circle divisions to design plan‎, ‎elevations‎, ‎and sections and also applied geometrical knowledge in the direction practical and qualitative for creating the building‎.