Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, Special Issue: Architecture and Mathematics, Spring 2019, Pages 1-127 

Special Issue: International Conference on Architecture and Mathematics

1. Architecture, City and Mathematics: The Lost Connection

Pages 1-10

Almantas Samalavicius

5. Reflection of the Role of Geometry in Design of the Aghabozorg School-Mosque in Kashan

Pages 51-75

Hamidreza Farshchi; Maliheh Ansari; Vahid Askari Kashan

6. Independence Fractals of Graphs as Models in Architecture

Pages 77-86

Maryam Adl; Saeid Alikhani; Vahid Shokri

7. Mathematics‎, ‎Music and Architecture

Pages 87-106

Roghayyeh Rasulzade; Javad Divandari

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Special Issue: Spectral Graph Theory and Mathematical Chemistry with Connection to Computer Science Special Issue: Architecture and Mathematics