About Journal

Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research (MIR) publishes quality original research papers and survey articles in Interdisciplinary Mathematics that are of the highest possible quality. The editorial board of this journal comprises experts from around the world. Papers on the relationship between two different scientific disciplines are of high interest to MIR. Research papers and review articles are selected through a normal refereeing process by a member of the editorial board. A paper accepted for publication must contain non-trivial mathematics with clear applications to other parts of science and engineering. MIR motivates authors to publish significant research papers, which are of broad interest in Applications of Mathematics in Science. Four issues in one volume are published every year.


MIR is an Open Access Journal. We use single-blind models of peer review in which the author doesn't know the identiy of the reviewer. Open Access is a publishing model that provides immediate access to the full text of papers without requiring a subscription to the journal. There is no Article Processing Charge, as the publication costs are covered by the University of Kashan.