Guide for Authors

Preparation of Manuscripts: An abstract of 150 words or less and keywords clarifying the subject of the manuscripts are required. Authors should submit the paper via our online system at The Latex template file of MIR can be downloaded here. All correspondence has to be sent to the address


How should I submit my manuscript?

Manuscript submission to Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research  is possible only electronically via our website. To submit a manuscript, you should first create a new account. After registration is complete, you will have to login to your account, go to the Author tab and click on ‘Submit a New Manuscript’.


The language of the journal is English. Authors who are less familiar with English language are advised to seek assistance from proficient scholars to prepare manuscripts that are grammatically and linguistically free from errors.

Papers submitted for consideration for publication have to be prepared concisely and must not exceed 60 typewritten pages, (font 12, double spacing, including tables & graphs).

Photographs must be printed on contrasted glossy paper and have sharp outlines. Diagrams and figures should be submitted as original drawings. Figures and tables are to be numbered in the sequence in which they are cited in the manuscript. Every table and figure must have a caption that explains its content. Tables and diagrams are to be prepared in separate pages and placed at the end of the manuscript.

References must be numbered in square brackets within the article and listed in alphabetical order at the end of the article. The name of mathematics journals should be abbreviated according to American Mathematical Society journals list. References to journals, books, proceedings and patents must be presented in accordance with the following examples:

Journals: I. Gutman, B. Zhou, B. Furtula, The Laplacian-energy like invariant is an energy like invarint, MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem. 64(1) (2010) 85-96.

Book: A. A. Ungar, Beyond the Einstein Addition Law and its Gyroscopic Thomas Precession: The Theory of Gyrogroups and Gyrovector Spaces, Volume 117 of Fundamental Theories of Physics, Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, Dordrecht, 2001.

For referencing to more than five authors please write as:

M. Aguiar, C. Andre, C. Benedetti, N. Bergeron, Z. Chen, et al., Supercharacters, symmetric functions in noncommuting variables, and related Hopf algebras, Adv. Math. 229(4) (2012) 2310–2337.

Publication Fee: There are no page charges  for non-Iranian authors. By the rule of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) the Iranian authors has to pay 3000000 IRR as publication process of their manuscripts.