On w-Neat Rings‎

Document Type : Original Scientific Paper


Department of Mathematics,Velayat University,Iranshahr, Iran


‎In this paper‎, ‎we offer a new generalization of the neat ring that is called a w-neat ring‎. ‎A ring $ R $ is said to be weakly clean if every $ r\in R $ can be written as $ r=u+e $ or $ r=u-e $ where $ u\in‎$ U$(R) $ and $ e\in‎$ I‎‏d$‎(R) $‎. ‎We define a w-neat ring to be one for which every proper homomorphic image is weakly clean‎.
‎We obtain some properties of w-neat rings‎.


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Volume 8, Issue 1
Special Issue: Proceedings of the 27th Iranian Algebra Seminar (IAS27) --- Editors: Reza Sharafdini and Mojtaba Sedaghatjoo
March 2023
Pages 65-70