Characteristic Functions Assignment by Adding Perturbation

Document Type : Technical Paper


‎Electrical Engineering Department, ‎Imam Khomeini International University, ‎Qazvin‎, ‎I‎. ‎R‎. ‎Iran


‎This paper presents a method for characteristic function assignment on rational functions by adding perturbation in systems with irrational characteristic functions‎. ‎Generally‎, ‎in systems with irrational characteristic loci‎, ‎commutative compensator designs are not possible‎. ‎Irrational characteristic functions have different forms‎. ‎In our previous work‎, ‎mentioned in the introduction section‎, ‎a form of these characteristic functions was presented‎. ‎Another form of irrational characteristic functions is considered in this paper‎. ‎This approach is not based on the transfer function inverting‎, ‎and characteristic loci are not used directly in the design process‎. ‎The efficacy of the proposed approach is investigated through two numerical examples‎.


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