Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, December 2019, Pages 129-325 

Original Scientific Paper

Mathematical Chemistry Works ‎of Dragos Cvetkovic

Pages 129-136

Ivan Gutman

Seidel Integral Complete Split Graphs

Pages 137-150

Pavel Hic; Milan Pokorny; Dragan Stevanovic

A Study of PageRank in Undirected Graphs

Pages 157-169

Abdollah Lotfi; Modjtaba Ghorbani; Hamid Mesgarani

The Fourth and Fifth Laplacian Coefficients of some Rooted Trees

Pages 183-192

Mahsa Arabzadeh; Gholam-Hossein Fath-Tabar; Hamid Rasoli; Abolfazl Tehranian

A Multiplicative Version of Forgotten Topological Index

Pages 193-211

Asghar Yousefi; Ali Iranmanesh; Andrey Dobrynin; Abolfazl Tehranian

Trees with Extreme Values of Second Zagreb Index and Coindex

Pages 227-238

Reza Rasi; Seyed Mahmoud Sheikholeslami; Afshin Behmaram

Probabilistic Properties of F-indices of Trees

Pages 253-261

Hadis Morovati; Ramin Kazemi; Akram Kohansal

Graph Invariants of Deleted Lexicographic Product of Graphs

Pages 281-291

Bahare Akhavan Mahdavi; Mostafa Tavakoli; Freydoon Rahbarnia

k-Intersection Graph of a Finite Set

Pages 305-317

Fahimeh Esmaeeli; Ahmad Erfanian; Farzaneh Mansoori

On Eigenvalues of Permutation Graphs

Pages 319-325

Sima Saadat-Akhtar; Shervin Sahebi